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Soirette Pasty Boutique

This adorable pasty boutique is located downtown Vancouver. The shop specializes in delicious cakes, desserts and Parisian macarons, with a flair of Asian and French influences.

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Every year, Vancouver has a hot chocolate festival starting mid January until mid February. Lots of restaurants and cafes will have a unique style of hot chocolate that they prepare. It is a fun event and you can walk from cafe to cafe trying different ones. On their website, they have maps where they map out cafes that are in walking distance, so you can enjoy an afternoon going cafe hopping and sipping hot chocolate. It helps to get some steps in and enjoy the beautiful Vancouver scenery. After I picked up my hot chocolate, I took my dog for a walk around the water pathway overlooking the water.   

This year, I went to Soirette Pastry Boutique. Everything is take-out only. They have two unique hot chocolate drink flavours:



Available January 16 – February 13, 2021

  • Feel the fever with a vegan Pink Grapefruit dark chocolate featuring Cacao Barry Alto El Sol 65%. Topped with a luscious pink rosewater cream. 

  • Paired with a vegan mini doughnut.



Available January 16 to February 13, 2021

  • Celebrating all things TikTok with this fun cereal hot chocolate

  • Featuring Valrhona’s Ivoire 35% and maple whipped cream. 

  • Complete with a stack of mini pancakes as a treat!


I tried both of these drinks and they were delicious. If you enjoy more fruity flavours, I would get the flamingo one, but if you like more of a sweet maple flavour, I would go for the Tik Choc.


The flamingo hot chocolate is ABSOLUTELY adorable. The flamingo topping lines up perfectly with the custom cup. It also comes with a mini vegan doughnut that was sweet and soft. I really liked how they incorporated a vegan option for their hot chocolate.

It’s a common occurrence to waste hours on tik tok, so this hot chocolate spoke to me. The heaping pile of whip cream and pancakes was a nice addition. 

Overall, the winner between the two drinks was the tik tok, for its sweet maple flavour. It had a rich taste without being too overpowering. 


For the hot chocolate festival, you definitely need to check out Soirette Pastry Boutique!


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Written by Kimberly Y

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