Guildford Station Pub

Wings - Guildford station pub

Guildford Station Pub is a popular hangout spot located in Surrey, BC, Canada. This cozy pub is situated close to the Guildford Shopping Centre and has been a favorite destination for locals and visitors for over a decade. With its relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff, it is no wonder that the Guildford Station Pub has … Read more

Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

Kims Eatery - Hot chocolate festival 2021- Soirette Pastry Boutique - Tik Choc

Restaurant Review Soirette Pasty Boutique This adorable pasty boutique is located downtown Vancouver. The shop specializes in delicious cakes, desserts and Parisian macarons, with a flair of Asian and French influences. Bakery Cuisine 4 star rating $$$ cost Every year, Vancouver has a hot chocolate festival starting mid January until mid February. Lots of restaurants … Read more

Ramen Gojiro

Kims Eatery- Ramen Gojiro large Fried karaage Chicken Ramen meal

Restaurant Review Ramen Gojiro If you are in the mood for a LOT of ramen, you won’t find many places in Canada that can hold a chopstick to the Jiro-style of ramen that Ramen Gojiro in Vancouver serves up. Japanese Cuisine 4.5 star rating $ cost History: The Jirorian style of ramen was born in … Read more