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Yaohan Centre

Yaohan Centre is.. well.. exactly what Google Maps says it is. "Shopping complex featuring Asian retailers, including grocery store along with a food court". However it made our review list for a couple of delicious deals that can be found here.

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Are you looking for some decent yet affordable Chinese takeout in Richmond? If so, give a try to Yaohan Centre just before closing time! The food court offers generous amounts of pre-packed food that starts getting heavily discounted as it gets closer to closing time. The flavours of the food are very consistent as to what is to be expected for Chinese takeout. Yaohan Centre is located in Richmond just off the bridge from the airport along No 3 Road.


My Yaohan Tradition: 

  • Pickup a price reduced grouping of Chinese takeout from one of the food court vendors near close.

  • T&T Visit: I like to end it with a walk through T&T as they often have their unsold pre-packed food discounted as well. My favorites are Sushi & BBQ Pork.

  • Visit Chase tea on the way home from some sweet cheese tea (salty cheese topping is the best!).

A couple night’s of Chinese dinners for cheap

It is always a good idea to order extra since you can never (hardly) go wrong with leftover Chinese takeout! I find that I usually have enough for 3-4 meals after leaving.


The prices are super affordable. This is probably the best bang for your buck for quantity of Chinese food in the Lower Mainland! You’ll get giant takeout servings for a very good price. Pick 4 Combos can be discounted to as low as $16 near closing time.

Let me know if you check out this restaurant when you are in Vancouver! 

This is what I would order for a family of 4:


1-2 Pick 4 Combos; you usually get a choice of 3 meat, and one veggie/rice item

1-2 Sushi Rolls from T&T (if discounted)


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Written by Tyler H

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