Guildford Station Pub

Guildford Station Pub is a popular hangout spot located in Surrey, BC, Canada. This cozy pub is situated close to the Guildford Shopping Centre and has been a favorite destination for locals and visitors for over a decade. With its relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff, it is no wonder that the Guildford Station Pub has ... Read more

Baker & Table Cafe

Restaurant Review Baker & Table Café Baker & Table Cafe has a selection of Japanese specialty buns, pastries, and more. Baker & Table Cafe is located in the heart of Vancouver on Fraser street and they have a little cafe with a few tables and chairs inside if you would like to dine in. Bakery ... Read more

Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

Restaurant Review Soirette Pasty Boutique This adorable pasty boutique is located downtown Vancouver. The shop specializes in delicious cakes, desserts and Parisian macarons, with a flair of Asian and French influences. Bakery Cuisine 4 star rating $$$ cost Every year, Vancouver has a hot chocolate festival starting mid January until mid February. Lots of restaurants ... Read more

Ramen Gojiro

Restaurant Review Ramen Gojiro If you are in the mood for a LOT of ramen, you won’t find many places in Canada that can hold a chopstick to the Jiro-style of ramen that Ramen Gojiro in Vancouver serves up. Japanese Cuisine 4.5 star rating $ cost History: The Jirorian style of ramen was born in ... Read more

Sushi California

Restaurant Review Sushi California This small chain of restaurants in the lower mainland is a must have if you are visiting Vancouver, BC. You will get generous amounts of quality sushi for an amaing price. The ambiance of the restaurant is nice, but it is usually busy if you go at peak times. Great for ... Read more

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