Ube Cream Cheese Brownies

Home baked Ube Brownie with a cream cheese swirl topping

Ube Cream Cheese Brownies Our story I spent months looking at multiple different grocery stores for ube extract and ube jam. I couldn’t find it anywhere. It was even sold out online and on amazon.ca. I really wanted to bake ube flavoured items, but it was just too difficult to source. I knew it had … Read more

Ube French Macarons

Kims Eatery - Picture of freshly baked ube macarons

Ube French Macarons Our story It was years ago that I fell in love with french macarons. I used to purchase them from local pastry shops for about $3 per macaron! Now that I think of it, that is pretty outrageous! I wanted to try making them myself, even though they are known to be … Read more