Agedashi Tofu

agedashi tofu Recipe - Kims Eatery homemade

Agedashi Tofu Our story Kim and Tyler are a couple who love to travel and try new foods. During their trip to Japan, they made a point to seek out the best agedashi tofu in town. After asking locals for recommendations, they found a small restaurant that specialized in tofu dishes. They ordered a plate … Read more

Classic Eggs Benedict

Kims Eatery - Eggs Benedict Lunch Restaurant review

Classic Eggs Benedict Our story Kim and Tyler are avid travelers, and they love to seek out new brunch spots wherever they go. On a recent trip to Europe, they stumbled upon a tiny hole in the wall restaurant that served the most incredible Eggs Benedict they’d ever tasted. The restaurant was packed with locals, … Read more

Twice Baked Potatoes

Twice Baked Potato

Baked potatoes have been a popular food for centuries, and they have been prepared in many different ways by cultures around the world. The exact history of baked potatoes is difficult to determine, but it is believed that potatoes were first domesticated by the indigenous people of the Andes Mountains in South America around 8000 … Read more

Matcha Mochi Brownie

Kim's Eatery - Matcha Brownie

Matcha Mochi Brownie Our story Matcha has been one of my favourite flavours to make home-baked goods with. It is not too sweet, but still is packed with a lot of flavour.  The glutinous rice gives the brownie its signature chewy mochi texture. You can find this at your local Asian grocery store. I like … Read more